Lessons in the Key of G
For a quality music education 


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Founded in 2014, ‘Lessons in the Key of G is a locally owned and operated music school in the greater Harrisburg Pennsylvania area.
LKG offers a wide variety of private music lessons for students of all ages from a credentialed, background checked professional.
Our mission is to spread the joy, benefits, and knowledge that a musical education has to offer.

Here are some of the benefits that learning music can bring to you.

For Children

Cognitive Skills-
•Reading comprehension 
•Logical and critical reasoning
•Linguistic interpretation and comprehension 
•Fine and gross motor coordination 

Emotional Skills-
•Safe and refined emotional expression 
•Increased empathy and emotional intelligence 
•Higher self-esteem

Social Skills-
•Impulse control
•Refined listening abilities 
•Turn taking/conversational skills

For Adults

All of the same benefits as children plus-
​•Lower stress
Higher IQ
•Preserved neuroplasticity

Music Can Provide-
•An avenue to deeper self-knowledge 
•Heathly boundaries for self-expression and psychological care

A note from the owner..

Hello, my name is Genesis Lorraine. I am a local teacher, performer, and owner of Lessons in the Key of G. I studied Music Psychology at Elizabethtown College and earned a Bachelors of Arts in Music as well as a Bachelors of Science in Philosophy.

‘Lessons in the Key of G’ is inspired from my sincere belief of what music can do for children and adults, what it has done for me, and from the immense gratitude I feel towards my early music teachers. LKG is not only my way of passing it on but also my way of paying homage to my own mentors. 

I believe in a gentle but firm approach to guide my students toward their achievements. I maximize reward systems to gradually shape musical behaviors, to build a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem, and to instill rigorous study/practice habits.

LKG is run with the combined efforts of myself, my wonderful partner, Tattoo, and our staff of knowledgeable and talented teachers. We look forward to meeting your family, hearing you play, and watching you grow.

Sincerely ,
​Genesis Lorraine”