Lessons in the Key of G
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  1. Genesis Lorraine
    Genesis Lorraine
    Genesis Lorraine is the founder of LKG. She studied Music Therapy at Elizabethtown College. Using ABA techniques, she makes musical progress concrete and rewarding.
  2. Frank Zarefoss
    Frank Zarefoss
    Frank Zarefoss is our premier guitar teacher at LKG. A graduate of Elizabethtown College and holding a Bachelor of Arts in guitar, Frank is a seasoned teacher with many years experience.
  3. Louis “Tattoo” Slover
    Louis “Tattoo” Slover
    Tattoo Slover is a veteran pianist entertainer with 25 years performing experience. Teaching only advanced students, he specializes in Rock, Soul/R&B, Blues, and Boogie piano improvisation.
ALL teachers at LKG are BACKGROUND CHECKED/CERTIFIED, and have been specially trained to work with children.​​
ALL teachers at LKG are Bachelors level or higher in a music-related field. Music Education, Music Therapy, or Music Performance.